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Inspire your kids with healthy, happy activities

Ideas, games and activities for pre-school kids, that don’t involve screens and are actually fun!

KreativKit helps busy parents to find moments of creativity with your kids

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Want to spend quality time with your kids at home but the screen always wins?

KreativKit reimagines screen-less activities for parents and children, inspiring everyone from playing a game to visiting an art museum together. What’s your next big plan?

Inspire Your Child's Creative Side.

Get inspiration and activities for kid’s fine-motor skills: craft, puzzles, games, dress ups, cards and more. Get inspired by great ideas on quality time spent together through building trust, empathy and bonding moments with your child.

Make more meaningful moments, together.

KreativKit gives busy parents great ideas for playing and teaching their kids in one place. No more stressing over finding that perfect activity or game to make learning fun again!

KreativKit is designed for parents of preschoolers in mind.

KreativKit suggests interesting activities for a range of ages

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Let ideas replace screens!

For parents who love their kids, but run out of ideas to engage them outside of apps, YouTube and Netflix.